Friday, 5 August 2011

4 of my fav's!

Music videos i have looked at recently are Beyonce - Single ladiesIf i were a boy, Rhianna - Who's that chick and Bruno Mars - Lazy day. These three videos is what my post is going to consist of.

Beyonce herself is an inspiration to everyone. In her music video If i were a Boy it is more of  story to go with the lyrics to her music video but it has a twist because in the video her boyfriend and herself switch places although she is still a female and he is still male.We see this is a switch towards the end when he says "what did you say?" and then a cut to her repeating it and his character changes. This has a twist to the story line as her lyrics also change. The video is a basic day to day activities of the couple at work and out with friends. All the shots are a straight cross cut there are no transitions.

Beyonce's other video that i much enjoy and have analysed is Single ladiesthis video is very simple and plain as it is just three women dancing, there is no setting as it is a 'blank canvas' and the dancing is there to entertain and minds do not wonder away from the three women (including Beyonce) dancing. The way that they are dressed brings male gaze although they are dressed very plain as it is black, the clothing is very tight (and is like a baby grow) and they are also wearing heels.

Rhianna Who's that chick - this video has a sci-fi effect as it is based in a space ship. There are many shots and the costume is very 'strange' as she is very colourful but everything else is dull compared to her this is to give the audience a direct approach towards her as been the main person in the video.

Bruno Mars Lazy Song is very simple and will of had a low budget. this is the kind of video we would be capable of making as is is very simple and has one full shot throughout there are no cuts and the costume is simple but random which helps remember the song as there are five people dressed in a monkey mask but Bruno Mars himself is not so that the audience know he is the singer.

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