Thursday, 18 August 2011

Example - changed the way you kissed me

Example - Changed the way you kissed me
This Single is very recent and is a 'Dance track' - it has a specific beat which the video reflects and Example himself is a rapper which is of the modern day as he is not the stereotyped rapper as he is white and he is from England rather than a black american rapper. The video is in black and white showing his emotion of getting ready for a gig - this video is like a story, showing him before concert, during and after. The black and white effect through out gives the creativity of imagining the colours.
There are alot of close ups of Example because the song is from him/ his point of view. There are many establishing shots of all sorts of angles of the fans/audience showing that it is 'mental'. There is one perticular shot during the concert (towards the end) of a low angle looking up to him, showing that he is more important than any one else is the video.

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