Tuesday, 18 October 2011

FH - brief idea

 Balloon bursts in slow motion and glitter comes out - in slow motion it will look awsome!
 pillow fight, again probably slow motion but also mixed with speed to give a bit more of a different look, the girls in bedroom scene obviously for this.

 snow scene if possible! girls playing in the snow, could make it interesting e.g. have a shot of a girl throwing a snow ball towards camera, would look funky.

 night club scene, in the night club dancing away and lip-synking in this bit, mainly dance though, most likely will need to add lighting during editing and possible flashes, depending were we go.

 this is a charity shop, we are going to include an idea like the scene in Wild Child that i looked at last year for the AS work, girls having fun in charity shop trying on clothes and cutting from one girl to another.

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