Saturday, 22 October 2011

FH - Nadine Coyle

Nadine was a young Irish singer, song writer and model from Derry, Nothern Ireland.

 She had already had her experience of a band - Six that was made up on the Irish version of Popstars - the band became a hit but then the directors realised the Nadine had only been 16! she had lied about her age forcing them to stop the band. A few years later she found herself back on TV! the UK version of Popstars this time and old enough! were she found herself in another band, Girls Aloud!

Since the bang split Coyle has tried to go solo like her former band member cheryl but did not have much success. She has a small pub in Los Angeles. She is however still known in the tabloids with what she gets up to with her love life! she has recently split with Jason Bell - an American football player and is yet again on the look!

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