Saturday, 3 September 2011

Geri Halliwell - its raining men

Geri Halliwell - its raining men
Geri Halliwell, an ex spice girl, released this single, which was her first single since she had gone solo, in 2001. This single was a hit around the world and was on the top ten UK chart list for two weeks ! It even made it on Bridget Jones Diary as a sound track! this was a success for Geri who is only one of the many that have covered this song. 
To start the video we are introduced to a white man, looking to be in his 40-50's wearing a suit and glasses and he speaks with an upper class tone, the background also gives us a hint to his upper class nature. He is giving the 'ok' to start an act so this also gives us a hint to him been a teacher or a gudge. We then jump into Geri Halliwell sat on the floor wearing what seems to be a black 'suit' - if gym pants and a crop top is what you call a suit. She starts to dance in a very sexual manner and the camera focuses on these points of her body, not perticularaly her face - this gives a male gaze which also occurs in the video as males start to gather at the doors atching her dance, we also get a glimpse of the teachers/gudges feet tapping to show their enjoyment. We have a lot of sharp cuts to different parts of the act showing the speed of her dance and tension.
As the chorus comes in all the people outside the doors watching her burst in, this shows how the tension has just burst and so there is everyone dancing but we still get the shots of her body and then to finish that section she kisses the male gudge that we saw at the beggining. We then move to another section were Geri is wearing short shorts/ hot pants and a short top, Then getting more flash backs of the previous section and a low angle looking up a stair case where loads of students seem to be dancing around, this sets the scene we are in a dance college or a school.
There are alot of fast, short cuts from shot to shot because we then jump into fast clips of her doing different work outs in different places showing her ability in the video and again setting the achorage that she is in a dance school and is preparing. In each shot she is dancing with a man, then we get a shot of Geri leading everyone outside and a shot of the school name to again set the scene that we are deffinatly at a school of arts. All the students start to dance on cars and in the road with a woman at a window watching down and smiling about it. This video shows alot of close ups and mid shots of Geri Halliwell and not really of any other person (apart from the judge and the odd person) this shows how this is all about her and her independence in the video.

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