Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Kesha - We are who we are

Kesha - we are who we are
This video starts with a look of been in the Galaxy and then has quick cuts with different coloured lights and polive car lights but still having that fade in of the galaxy waves.
Then we move to a group walking through a tunnel with a explotion of fire behind them, we get this from a straight faward angle facing them and a diagonal angle from the side and back again. We get alot of shots of Kesha, mid shots and close ups. Her costume is unusual and looks like she is not on this planet, it is unique to everyone else. We get shots of a night club and people danicng, this is our new section of the video and Kesha has a new outfit. We get a close up of her make up which is very metalic and modern. we have alot of shots were a video overlaps another. The shots seem to go with the beat of the music so they are fast, short shots.
We can see that this video was clearly alot of money to produce because of the costume and the stunts (falling from a building) and all the work that needed to be done to create the effects of it been 'spacey'

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