Thursday, 11 August 2011

The wanted - glad you came

The Wanted - Glad you came
This is a boy band, thier songs vary from R&B to love songs and raps. This imperticular video i have chosen is an R&B dance. The band were found from a TV program and made thier way up. The beggining of the video we have an establishing shot of them been abroad and also are introduced to the band members with close ups. We have quick shots that show us the setting/scene they are in, it is very 'party' like the song is meant for. There are many shots of each member singing along with quick clips of that perticular band member and what he is getting up to whilst he is abroad. The quick shots and different scenes e.g. night club, beach, house etc to show the 'fun' that is occuring. The end of the video is showing the morning after of everyone waking up and again we are introduced to the members, this is for the fans (most likely aimed at women) which gives them a sense of who is who and who they 'fancy' as the band is very recent and not as well known as some bands such as Westlife.

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