Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nikki Minaj - super bass

Nikki Minaj - Super bass
Nikki Minaj is a female rapper, giving a twist because usually it is males that are rappers. She has a unique 'style' like Lady Gaga and Kesha and most female singers nowadays, this gets them noticed more for the unusual things that are in there video's, in this video Nikki has got many different hair styles and colours but based around the barbie doll style. the other style is a murmaid as she is also in a pool and in what can appear to be a murmaid outfit.
The shots of Nikki are close ups and mid shots, inbetween these shots we have quick shots of ice sculptures, money stacks and a male. Nikki also dances in a group, again in between these shots we have quick shots of random things. She uses the 'male gaze' card because she wears a tight swimming costume and does sexual dances whilst in a pool e.g. pouring a liquid down her chest.
There is a nice twist of using the UV lights as a change making her outfit (which is different to the other dances) and hair to stand out whilst she again does a sexual dance with a male. There are many short/snappy shots of Nikki from behind and below and a long shot of her dancing next to a man.

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