Monday, 29 August 2011

Lady gaga - edge of glory

Lady Gaga - Edge of glory
Lady gaga is an inspiration to many female artists now such as nikki minaj, kesha, katie perry etc. she has an unusual style and he videos are also unusual.

this video starts on a street/ back alley with her in a window. There is red smoke and shots of her stood there.

 The costume she wears in this video is a 'punky' roman goddess as well as what looks to be a boxers jacket
and her wild hair that was styled by cruella devile (101 dalmations).

 The video is based around her climbing the out stairs ouf a block of apartments, this gives great opportunities to get many different shot angles, below, above, tracking etc. There is a black man playing the saxaphone, very stereotypical of jazz players, this could be seen as the contrast in her hair, black and whites unite possibly?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nikki Minaj - super bass

Nikki Minaj - Super bass
Nikki Minaj is a female rapper, giving a twist because usually it is males that are rappers. She has a unique 'style' like Lady Gaga and Kesha and most female singers nowadays, this gets them noticed more for the unusual things that are in there video's, in this video Nikki has got many different hair styles and colours but based around the barbie doll style. the other style is a murmaid as she is also in a pool and in what can appear to be a murmaid outfit.
The shots of Nikki are close ups and mid shots, inbetween these shots we have quick shots of ice sculptures, money stacks and a male. Nikki also dances in a group, again in between these shots we have quick shots of random things. She uses the 'male gaze' card because she wears a tight swimming costume and does sexual dances whilst in a pool e.g. pouring a liquid down her chest.
There is a nice twist of using the UV lights as a change making her outfit (which is different to the other dances) and hair to stand out whilst she again does a sexual dance with a male. There are many short/snappy shots of Nikki from behind and below and a long shot of her dancing next to a man.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dev - bass down low

Dev - Bass down low

Dev has chosen a different style of mixing her clothing, this fits in with the video because it is a rave/party that she is at and everyone is all over dancing setting the scene with an atmosephere. At the start we get different shots of everyone and then when the beat drops everyone starts to dance. There is a mix of races and genders. We get very quick shots and they are focussing her in each one. Alot of shots play on back and forth.
We have shots of speakers and shot glasses and a fish in a bottle and a birthday cake, this fits in with her lyrics
We also have shots of oven mits holding a female's naked chest, this insinuates that this song is about sexual activity/involvment BUT later we have these points:
  • Hammer hitting a man statue - this can be a symbol of her been quite feminist, that men do not control women and she has the power to destroy them.
  •  There is a point were there are a line of women against a wall. here she has a strike painted over her eyes like a warrior?
  • She is also lying on man's lap whilst on a sofa with men all around her sat very still whilst she is singing and dancing in a seductive way so this can show her female dominance over them as she also strokes the mans head and face.
 So this text could have meaning to how she feels within hierachy.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Example - changed the way you kissed me

Example - Changed the way you kissed me
This Single is very recent and is a 'Dance track' - it has a specific beat which the video reflects and Example himself is a rapper which is of the modern day as he is not the stereotyped rapper as he is white and he is from England rather than a black american rapper. The video is in black and white showing his emotion of getting ready for a gig - this video is like a story, showing him before concert, during and after. The black and white effect through out gives the creativity of imagining the colours.
There are alot of close ups of Example because the song is from him/ his point of view. There are many establishing shots of all sorts of angles of the fans/audience showing that it is 'mental'. There is one perticular shot during the concert (towards the end) of a low angle looking up to him, showing that he is more important than any one else is the video.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Kesha - We are who we are

Kesha - we are who we are
This video starts with a look of been in the Galaxy and then has quick cuts with different coloured lights and polive car lights but still having that fade in of the galaxy waves.
Then we move to a group walking through a tunnel with a explotion of fire behind them, we get this from a straight faward angle facing them and a diagonal angle from the side and back again. We get alot of shots of Kesha, mid shots and close ups. Her costume is unusual and looks like she is not on this planet, it is unique to everyone else. We get shots of a night club and people danicng, this is our new section of the video and Kesha has a new outfit. We get a close up of her make up which is very metalic and modern. we have alot of shots were a video overlaps another. The shots seem to go with the beat of the music so they are fast, short shots.
We can see that this video was clearly alot of money to produce because of the costume and the stunts (falling from a building) and all the work that needed to be done to create the effects of it been 'spacey'

Monday, 15 August 2011

Queen - we are the champions

Queen - We are the champions
This single was released in 1977, this song is now a victory song for sports all over the world and has been covered by many people, but origonally - Queen. We start with a high angled, establishing shot showing that they are at a concert/ performing the song and then we have a transfer to a mid shot of the lead singer, followed by quite quick shots of the act and people in the band. we have shots from the crowd showing their point of view shots.
We focus on the lead singer though who is wearing a tight black and white suit, this suit has no perticular meaning but i have the idea of it been ' everything is either black or white' you win or loose, there is no grey colour - it goes with the lyrics. To finish we have a shot of the fans holding banners, again this is another video made with a small budget as it is all based in one area and is very simple.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The wanted - glad you came

The Wanted - Glad you came
This is a boy band, thier songs vary from R&B to love songs and raps. This imperticular video i have chosen is an R&B dance. The band were found from a TV program and made thier way up. The beggining of the video we have an establishing shot of them been abroad and also are introduced to the band members with close ups. We have quick shots that show us the setting/scene they are in, it is very 'party' like the song is meant for. There are many shots of each member singing along with quick clips of that perticular band member and what he is getting up to whilst he is abroad. The quick shots and different scenes e.g. night club, beach, house etc to show the 'fun' that is occuring. The end of the video is showing the morning after of everyone waking up and again we are introduced to the members, this is for the fans (most likely aimed at women) which gives them a sense of who is who and who they 'fancy' as the band is very recent and not as well known as some bands such as Westlife.

Friday, 5 August 2011

4 of my fav's!

Music videos i have looked at recently are Beyonce - Single ladiesIf i were a boy, Rhianna - Who's that chick and Bruno Mars - Lazy day. These three videos is what my post is going to consist of.

Beyonce herself is an inspiration to everyone. In her music video If i were a Boy it is more of  story to go with the lyrics to her music video but it has a twist because in the video her boyfriend and herself switch places although she is still a female and he is still male.We see this is a switch towards the end when he says "what did you say?" and then a cut to her repeating it and his character changes. This has a twist to the story line as her lyrics also change. The video is a basic day to day activities of the couple at work and out with friends. All the shots are a straight cross cut there are no transitions.

Beyonce's other video that i much enjoy and have analysed is Single ladiesthis video is very simple and plain as it is just three women dancing, there is no setting as it is a 'blank canvas' and the dancing is there to entertain and minds do not wonder away from the three women (including Beyonce) dancing. The way that they are dressed brings male gaze although they are dressed very plain as it is black, the clothing is very tight (and is like a baby grow) and they are also wearing heels.

Rhianna Who's that chick - this video has a sci-fi effect as it is based in a space ship. There are many shots and the costume is very 'strange' as she is very colourful but everything else is dull compared to her this is to give the audience a direct approach towards her as been the main person in the video.

Bruno Mars Lazy Song is very simple and will of had a low budget. this is the kind of video we would be capable of making as is is very simple and has one full shot throughout there are no cuts and the costume is simple but random which helps remember the song as there are five people dressed in a monkey mask but Bruno Mars himself is not so that the audience know he is the singer.