Monday, 23 January 2012

FH - club scene preparation

For our club scene we are going to film on Friday 3rd Feb at The Yard in Ilkley, this is a bar that i work in and i have asked my manager if we are aloud to film and he said yes as it will promote our bar.
The only probem we may have is that we need to announce on a microphone that a camera will be filming so anyone that does not want to be involved will need to move outside while we film, however we do not want people to act different due to a camera been around them e.g. being silly in front of the camera, so this may be complicated. This is an example picture i found on google images to explain what i mean...
The setting is not an actual club but it has got a club atmosphere due to the DJ (Luke Tibble) and the lights look like what would be in  club as they are blue, red and green. If the bar is not busy we could get some really good shots that show the bar staff doing tricks with bottles and cocktails etc.

FH - Editing photos

We have been having some problems with getting used to Photoshop Elements 4.0 which is what we are editing our digipak pictures, we are getting used to it now though and the pictures are coming on very nicely as we are using phtographic effects/layer style which is putting a tinted colour over the picture of each girl so that we can represent their different personalities.

So far we have almost finished our front cover for the digipak and have done a warhole effect with a twist! Basically the digipak cover is split into 9 boxes, 5 of which have pictures of each individual girl, each with their own individual colour, and in the remaining 4 boxes we will have the band name, 'Girls Aloud', and pictures of sweets.

We have an idea for our magazine add (which shall be finished by the end of this week!) we used our original idea for our digipak as it was too rectangular but was the inspiration to our magazine add that we had no idea how to present so it worked out very well! we recycled our original idea.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Behind the scenes - sleepover and balloon scene

On January the 8th of January we filmed the balloon and sleepover scene, the first two scenes to our music video. We started filming at 4PM and finished around 7:30PM.
Me, Faye and the girls involved in the music video helped blow up the 200 balloons for the balloon scene before we started to prepare anything else, thankfully we had an electric pump and didn’t have to use the whole 200 balloons as the room we filmed in was relatively small. It took a while and a lot of energy, but we filmed the room with white and pink balloons in no time. 

The filming with the balloons went really well and looked very impressive on camera. We actually used a small bathroom and covered the toilet and sink completely with balloons so you could never tell the difference. The girls falling into the balloons looked particularly impressive on film and the pink helium balloons also added an extra touch.  

Next scene was the sleepover scene where we used 200 feathers to create a pillow fight with pillows filled with lots of feathers. Filming this scene was a lot easier than the balloon scene as positioning and framing did not have to be as immaculate. I tried to include as much shot variation as possible in this particular scene.
I feel using a slow motion of certain shots will also look very effective. The feathers will look particularly good in slow motion. To get the bright light effect that most pop music videos use, Faye and I used desk lamps to brighten the girl’s faces, to give that flawless glow.

Overall filming on the two scenes was a success, it took a while and we had a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards, but was good fun and looks like good footage. We took photographs of filming throughout, and also took pictures of the girls for our digipak.

Friday, 6 January 2012

BOTH - Costume ideas

Ella – Girly

Kate – fashion rock

Bowler Hat - Stylish Women Hat Trends 2011

Lily – country

Luisa – preppy, sexy

Molly – 50s style

HH - preperation

Recently I have purchased 200 white feathers, 100 10 inch white balloons and 100 pink balloons, and one balloon pump :S. These props were bought from where most of my internet purchases are from… the amazing eBay! eBay the online market stall is a great place for finding random items you may need for cheap prices. The 100 pillow feathers cost merely £4.50, and the 200 balloons £12.99. Not bad seeing as they sell a pack of ten at Tesco for £1. The feathers will be used in the sleepover scene, some being put in pillows and slow motioned downed during the pillow fight scene. I also think a close up of feathers falling from the ceiling would also be a nice shot to include. Other shots included would be group shots of the girl members playing will the many fathers in the bedroom.

The 200 balloons will be inflated on the day and placed on top of each other in a small room. I wanted to hopefully borrow large studio lights to light the room. I will film each member of the band playing in the room full of balloons. As the balloons will be in a small room they will be piled on top of each other hopefully up to the artists wastes. I will also have one member of the band bursting a balloon full of glitter which will be put into slow motion.

I have acquired three large bottles of glitter two of blue and one of red. I think having a member of the band blowing the glitter into the camera would look visually very interesting. I think a close up of the falling glitter would also look great and be appropriate to the pop vibe of the music video.

HH - pop group reunions

Recently past pop group S Club 7 have been rumoured to be back for a reunion in 2012, and the pop group Steps have already formed a reunion and are touring the UK. The group steps have recently announced that they are continuing to embark on a their tour in 2012. All seven members of S Club 7 are hoping to reform after seeing how successful Steps reunion has been. Their representatives are trying to agree a deal with Simon Fuller, who still owns the S Club brand. 

Seeing these former pop groups reunite and the success of the Spice Girls reunite in 2007, other former groups are hoping to come back together in the present day. It is already rumoured that the girl band Girls Aloud have decided to plan a reunion tour in the back end of 2012. This will be a great chance for the girl band to promote there already produced albums and to earn even more cash with advertisements and promotions etc.

Lighting in music videos

The pop music video is notorious for the glamouress full beam bright lights which make the artists look flawless. My music video three out of five scenes are inside. I hope to borrow two set lights from my schools art department so I can get the bright light effect in the scenes. These lights will hopefully brighten the group member’s faces and also brighten the set. The lights being shone on the girls faces during medium close ups will make their skin pale and flawless, other pop artists us this lights such as Britney Spears or Katy Perry.
I also hope to lighten the scenes in editing to make them even brighter and as similar to pop music videos as I can. 

HH - Pointer sisters

The Pointer Sisters - orginal vid

The Pointer Sisters were the original girl band in 1983 to create the song Jump (for my love). The song was released prior to the 1984 Summer Olympics games, the song's video featured footage of athletes competing in track and field events. The song was the second of four Billboard Hot 100 top 10 singles in a row for the sisters in 1984; it peaked at #3 in July. It also appeared on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart and reached the Top 10 in the UK, peaking at number six. The song also netted the group a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1985.
The song sang by the Pointer Sisters is the original and the music video was seen as quite visually impressive for the 80s. However I believe Girls Aloud gave the song a more modern factor which works better with the music video I wish to create and the vocals match the age of the group members a lot better.