Monday, 15 August 2011

Queen - we are the champions

Queen - We are the champions
This single was released in 1977, this song is now a victory song for sports all over the world and has been covered by many people, but origonally - Queen. We start with a high angled, establishing shot showing that they are at a concert/ performing the song and then we have a transfer to a mid shot of the lead singer, followed by quite quick shots of the act and people in the band. we have shots from the crowd showing their point of view shots.
We focus on the lead singer though who is wearing a tight black and white suit, this suit has no perticular meaning but i have the idea of it been ' everything is either black or white' you win or loose, there is no grey colour - it goes with the lyrics. To finish we have a shot of the fans holding banners, again this is another video made with a small budget as it is all based in one area and is very simple.

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