Monday, 29 August 2011

Lady gaga - edge of glory

Lady Gaga - Edge of glory
Lady gaga is an inspiration to many female artists now such as nikki minaj, kesha, katie perry etc. she has an unusual style and he videos are also unusual.

this video starts on a street/ back alley with her in a window. There is red smoke and shots of her stood there.

 The costume she wears in this video is a 'punky' roman goddess as well as what looks to be a boxers jacket
and her wild hair that was styled by cruella devile (101 dalmations).

 The video is based around her climbing the out stairs ouf a block of apartments, this gives great opportunities to get many different shot angles, below, above, tracking etc. There is a black man playing the saxaphone, very stereotypical of jazz players, this could be seen as the contrast in her hair, black and whites unite possibly?

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