Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dev - bass down low

Dev - Bass down low

Dev has chosen a different style of mixing her clothing, this fits in with the video because it is a rave/party that she is at and everyone is all over dancing setting the scene with an atmosephere. At the start we get different shots of everyone and then when the beat drops everyone starts to dance. There is a mix of races and genders. We get very quick shots and they are focussing her in each one. Alot of shots play on back and forth.
We have shots of speakers and shot glasses and a fish in a bottle and a birthday cake, this fits in with her lyrics
We also have shots of oven mits holding a female's naked chest, this insinuates that this song is about sexual activity/involvment BUT later we have these points:
  • Hammer hitting a man statue - this can be a symbol of her been quite feminist, that men do not control women and she has the power to destroy them.
  •  There is a point were there are a line of women against a wall. here she has a strike painted over her eyes like a warrior?
  • She is also lying on man's lap whilst on a sofa with men all around her sat very still whilst she is singing and dancing in a seductive way so this can show her female dominance over them as she also strokes the mans head and face.
 So this text could have meaning to how she feels within hierachy.

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