Wednesday, 7 December 2011

FH- Digipak research - DIY, Wahol and Rhianna.

Digipaks typically are paperboard or card gatefolds, with plastic trays inside to hold a CD and sometimes also a DVD. They are a remake of dual cases, all plastic cases, and are more environmentally friendly, lighter and simply nicer to look at as they are not 'bulky'.
They became popular in the early 2000's because of this and are getting more and more popular. Many places use them for advertising such as a personal experience i had of walking through Leeds City centre and people were handing out digipaks to advertise the night club Oceana which consisted of a CD with a mix of music that is played and a DVD.

I have been researching into how we are going to make our digipak and so i went onto google images and found this instruction picture - this is the style of digipak we are going to be making.

So far we have an idea of having a warhol effect on the cover of the digipak, there will be 5 images, one of each girl and they will be looking towards another band member in another image.
This is an example of a warhol effect on Maralyn Monroe but we will have five pictures, so one in the middle, and each girl will be in the pictures rather than a copy of one picture. This is only our first idea so we are hoping that we can come up with more different ideas for the cover, inside is going to be completely different though and we will have a different theme such as black and white with pictures of the girls in suits and hats - a bit of a 'mafia' look.
Just a quick look at Rhianna's Digipak...
This is Rhianna's recent album 'Loud' and this is her digipak for it - she has the same picture on the cover as she does on her jual case but her inside of the digipak is a lot more interesting and eye grabbing to people buying this product as there is an attractive picture on the inside of Rhianna and her CD's have a print of a rose on them. This is also a DVD which comes with the digipak so this also attracts people as they are getting more than just a CD in an environmental friendly, light case.
With this perticular digipak a poster was available which is a picture of the album's cover.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

HH - charity shop scene

Charity shop scene

For one specific scene in our music video we are hoping to film in a charity shop, where the five different girls try on unusual outfits and costumes. I want this scene to be similar to one in the film Wild Child released in 2008 directed by Nick Moore. The scene consists of five girls looking for and trying on different clothes to buy for a party they are attending. There are a variety of transitions and shot types that make this scene look interesting. I wish to do my own rendition of the scene whilst trying out similar transitions that may work with my own music video.
These pictures show some of the camera angles and edited transitions that I wish to try and replicate.

HH - hit the lights - Selena Gomez

Hit the lights music video ideas

Hit the lights by Selena Gomez has a great music video that really inspired me for the production of my own music video. The large balloons bursting and Selena dancing in the room filled with pink balloons encouraged my desire to work with balloons in certain scenes of my music video. I have recently purchased 100 balloons which I intend to use on the sleepover scene of the music video. Slowing down footage of balloons floating and bursting really gives a good effect in music videos and along with the feathers I also intend to use the whole vibe to the music video will have a pop video look to it.

The song Jump that I am using for my video has some fast pace beats in the chorus and so I intend to use multiple jump cuts from different scenes such as the singers from my girl band dancing in a room of balloons and feathers. The music video for hit the lights, does this very well. I think that changing the colouring of the different shots in editing would also have a great effect.

I am also going to use multiple layering over some of the balloon scenes to give the scenes an artistic vibe. I was hoping to use either glitter, shots of feathers falling or popping balloons.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Podcast 4 - reschedule of filming

Meet our new Girls Aloud band members!

Ella – (Cheryl) Colour: Pink

The girly and slightly prissy member of the group wears a large amount of pink including a necklace that has the Barbie logo on it. This suggests that she is very feminine and youthful. She is the more moody member of the group. We have included shots of her looking unhappy at the sleepover scene when she is woken up and hit with pillows.

Luisa – (Nadine) Colour: Purple

Luisa is the sexier member of the group, wearing provocative clothing and dark, heavy makeup. In a particular scene she wears tight sequin leggings with an unbuttoned blazer. This would be seen as not appropriate for our genre, however a large percentage of artists aimed at a tweenage/teenage audience have outfits/ lack of clothing being displayed in their music videos. E.g. Katy Perry, Britney Spears. Luisa is a more daring and cheeky member of the group provoking her friends and causing chaos within the group.

Lily- (Kimberley) Colour: Green

The sweet and innocent member of the group wears minimal amounts of makeup. Lily has a country style with checked skirts, denim shorts and cowboy boots. She is a very friendly character and is constantly smiling and dancing and having a good time. She is much more forgiving than her best friend Ella and shrugs of any mischief that happens with group of girls.

Kate- (Sarah) Colour: Blue

The cute and sweet member of the girl band is petite with long, curly hair and is constantly smiling. She takes on the role as the little girl of the group as she still sleeps with her teddy etc. She is a lot smaller than the rest of the girls and is seen as the little sister and is sometimes bullied because of this. She is cheeky and is always involved with the activities taking place, she is very confident and wears a girly, glittery crop top and skinny jeans.

Molly- (Nicole) Colour: Red

Is another sweet member of the girl band but also has a mischievous side to her, often influenced by Luisa. She wears a 60s type of style with large, puffy skirts, long pearl necklaces and red lipstick. She has jet black hair with pale skin which also suits the 60s look. She is a confident member of the band and along with Luisa has a cheeky side to her that likes to cause mayhem.