Friday, 28 October 2011

HH - Promotions from Britney Spears

Britney Spears has a large successful range of perfumes which sell herself as a personality rather than her as a singer. By having a perfumes that Britney has selected herself and apparently wears herself fans will want to buy the perfume to smell like Britney. 

She has in total 10 perfumes sold in selected retailers her perfume Curious (light blue bottle) sold as the number one perfume of 2004, it was also honoured as Best Woman’s Fragrance in 2005.
Each perfume has a selected tagline, which gives more of a personality to the product.

All of the ad campaigns feature a much airbrushed Britney Spears wearing provocative clothing which display her figure as much as possible, and all include a ‘come hither’ expression from Miss Spears which is very provocative. Her perfumes are meant to be sold to women as a women’s perfume line, however the ad campaigns appear to be targeted at the male audience.

Her target audience for her perfumes will be similar to the audience for her music. This is tweenager and teenagers ages 15-24. For a tweenager (10-12 yrs) will look at this picture of their possible role model and will want to look like her, which to some extent is impossible due to the heavy airbrush and crop tool obviously used in the ads themselves. The ads encourage young women to flaunt themselves by wearing provocative clothing which they believe makes them look like their role model, and therefore beautiful.

1.   Curious
2.    Fantasy
3.   Curious in Control
4.   Midnight Fantasy
5.   Believe
6.   Curious Heart
7.   Hidden Fantasy
8.   Circus Fantasy

Thursday, 27 October 2011

FH - key influences

I have just found this video whilst surfing Youtube, this video (that has been edited by BeesyMedia on youtube) is a clip that involves the charity shop scene of Wild child up to 15seconds and is what i am looking at for inspiration, the use of effects that have been used are so effective and that it is a very fast edit of the real thing, this is like what i would like our charity shop scene to look like or at least one of our scenes as it includes the party scene too so i have uploaded this to show you what i have found:

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

HH - Girl band directors

Girl band directors:
Jump – Girls Aloud: Richard Curtis directed the music video and included clips from his recent film at the time, Love Actually. Richard Curtis is a well-known Rom-com director, producing popular films such as Bridget Jones Diary, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Curtis requested to direct the video as the publicity of the song would help promote his new film. The song Jump by Girls Aloud was also featured in the film. 

Notorious - The Saturdays: This music video was directed by Syndrome productions. Syndrome work with MTV and their movie and music video awards. They also work with artists such as Eminem, Alicia Keys and Ke$ha. The company said they were delighted with the results of the super-glam and super-clean video. 

Push the button – Sugababes: The music video was directed by American director Matthew Rolston and produced by Lindsay Turnham for Exposure Films. It was filmed in various locations throughout Shepherds Bush, London in July 2005 and first aired in the United Kingdom in the week of 12 September 2005. The video primarily focuses around the three members of the band dancing in an elevator for a CGI-animated skyscraper.

When I grow up – Pussycat Dolls: This music video was directed by Joseph Khan. Khan is a very famous director and has worked on music videos with artists such as Eminem, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and many more. Khan also is a newly director of films, with his first ever film Torque. He also directs Television Advertisements such as for Vodaphone, Windows and Citroen. 


Saturday, 22 October 2011

FH - Kimberly Walsh

Kimberly was born in Bradford in 1981. She is a singer-songwriter, model, television presenter and actress. Most well-known for being in the girl band Girls Aloud, Kimberly also fronts the 2009 Autumn/Winter collection for the fashion chain New Look. In July 2010 she also became a presenter on music talk-show, Suck My Pop. She has also had her fair share of acting including appearing in TV shows such as This Is Personal: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper as Gillian Oldfield and starred in a BBC Educational Schools programme called Focus. She has also appeared in films such as St. Trinian's with her fellow band mates and Horrid Henry: The Movie.

FH - Nicola Roberts

Roberts, a young fiesty ginger was born in Lincolnshire, raised in Cheshire.
Roberts always felt 'ugly' in the band and didn't like that she was so pale skinned, in 2008 she started to accept herself and became more confident. She then went on to making a documentory - The truth about tanning. In this she explored with BBC3 how dangerous sunbeds can be.
She has worked on a solo album.

FH - Sarah Harding

Sarah as a young child was brought up in more than one place - Berkshire, Surrey and Manchester.
She is best known for been in Girls Aloud, the beautiful blonde she has done her fair share of modelling though! she is inspired for her lovely blonde pixy cut hair! people call it the Sarah Harding style.
In 2007 she appeared in a movie St. Trinians, in this she played an insprired band member and again she apeared in the second one.
Sarah models langerie and she has also done a bit of advertising for Coca Cola Zero.

FH - Nadine Coyle

Nadine was a young Irish singer, song writer and model from Derry, Nothern Ireland.

 She had already had her experience of a band - Six that was made up on the Irish version of Popstars - the band became a hit but then the directors realised the Nadine had only been 16! she had lied about her age forcing them to stop the band. A few years later she found herself back on TV! the UK version of Popstars this time and old enough! were she found herself in another band, Girls Aloud!

Since the bang split Coyle has tried to go solo like her former band member cheryl but did not have much success. She has a small pub in Los Angeles. She is however still known in the tabloids with what she gets up to with her love life! she has recently split with Jason Bell - an American football player and is yet again on the look!

FH - Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl, just like the other 4 girls of the band Girls Aloud, was found in 2002 on a tv show - popstars the rivals This gave the young Cheryl, that had lived on counsel estates all her life in Newcastle, her big brake into her new life of pop and R&B !

The young model, actress, song writer, singer and dancer, went on to marry famous football player Ashley Cole therefore going from a Tweedy to a Cole.

 When Cheryl saw how successful Girls Aloud had become worldwide she decided to go solo, as well as still being in the band! She released two albums 3words & messy little raindrops.
All over Cheryl has been on bill boards, tv adverts - more than one!, magazines... she has been a massive icon. she has advertised for hair dye, face creams, mascara, lipstick - all the things that girls need to look like her! she is an inspiration to most young women. She has been advertising in magazines Elle & Vogue,  She is now also the face of L'Oreal .

Cheryl was also a judge on Xfactor from 2008 up until the last series this year which she had left the UK series to go and do America's Xfactor! this however did not exactly work out. The Americans did not keep her on the panel for long because of her geordie accent!  

Thursday, 20 October 2011

FH - fisheye lens

example one
Basically, a fish eye lens is a wide angled lens that is put on a camera or can be edited into a picture to make a picute look distorted. it is used in photography as well as music videos, movies etc.
The example one is a fish lens in use on the eiffel tower in paris. This is standerd photography.

Example 2
 This is Missy Eliot in her video Rain. As you can see she looks bigger than her usual self, she gets away with this however because she is not a 'sexy' stereotype of famous artists of today as you can see below in contrast to Alesha Dixon, another famous artist of today. As long as i have been searching for the past 20mins, i can not find any picture of a 'sexy' missy Elliot but within minuits i found Alesha Dixon modelling lingerie - this stereotype of Alesha Dixon would not alow her to use a fisheye lens in her music videos as it would make her look out of her usual proportion and would not be seen as attractive were as 'chavy' missy Elliot, as we can see below, can use this fisheye lens to make herself look intimidating and bigger which fits her personality portrayed in her music/rap. 

Alesha Dixon

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

FH - brief idea

 Balloon bursts in slow motion and glitter comes out - in slow motion it will look awsome!
 pillow fight, again probably slow motion but also mixed with speed to give a bit more of a different look, the girls in bedroom scene obviously for this.

 snow scene if possible! girls playing in the snow, could make it interesting e.g. have a shot of a girl throwing a snow ball towards camera, would look funky.

 night club scene, in the night club dancing away and lip-synking in this bit, mainly dance though, most likely will need to add lighting during editing and possible flashes, depending were we go.

 this is a charity shop, we are going to include an idea like the scene in Wild Child that i looked at last year for the AS work, girls having fun in charity shop trying on clothes and cutting from one girl to another.

Friday, 14 October 2011

FH - Girls Aloud - Jump

Girls Aloud back in 2003

Girls Aloud formed as a girl band in 2002 through a TV show - Popstars The Rivals.
They are one of the most successful girl bands world wide and have many best selling albums. They had 20 songs that reached the top ten singles n the UK which also included 4 to be at number one!
The band consists of - Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, who was first to leave the band and go into making her own singles and then got in to been an X-factor judge and married football star Ashley Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, who went into a bit of acting one example of this is St Trinians movie, Nicola Roberts, who went into making a few singles, and Kimberley Walsh who also made some singles but did not really succeed in been a single artist. 

The 5 girls were also nominated as the 'fittest' girl band in the UK, as you can see in the picture to the left they will have male gaze (especially for this revealing picture) and girls inspire to be like them. 

The band went on a 'break' in 2009 and have all gone in different directions in the media world but will be having a reunion in 2012. 

The single was released in 1983 by the original artist that wrote it - the Pointer Sisters. Girls Aloud in  November 2003 then covered this and made it to the top ten singles in the UK! it was also made by them for the movie Love Actually the famous romantic comedyThis is the album above, 'Jump' is the album name. 
This is a quote i found on wikipedia to prove that there are negative views on the music video -
"Jump" received generally negative reviews from contemporary music critics. It was said that "the girls sound bored singing it and the listener is certainly fed up by the time the song finishes."

Girls Aloud - Lyrics Sheet

0:15 Your eyes, tell me how you want me 0:20

I can feel it in your heart beat 0:24

 I know you like what you see 0:29

 Hold me, I'll give you all that you need 0:35

 Wrap your love around me 0:38

 You're so excited,

I can feel you getting hotter, oh baby 0:44

I'll take you down, I'll take you down 0:49

 Where no one's ever gone before

 And if you want more, if you want more

 More, more 0:58

Then, Jump! 1:00

 For my love

 Jump in! 1:02

 And feel my touch

 Jump, if you want to taste my kisses in the night then,

 Jump for my love 1:12

 I know my heart can make you happy

 Jump in! 1:16

You know these arms can feel you up

 Jump, if you want to taste my kisses in the night then,

 Jump! For my love 1:26

1:30 You told me, I'm the only woman for you 1:36

 Nobody does you like I do 1:39

 Then make a move before you try

 And go much farther, oh baby 1:44

 You are the one, you, you are the one 1:49

 And heaven waits here at my door

 And if you want more,

 If you want more, more, more 1:58

Then, Jump!

 For my love 2:01

 Jump in! 2:04

 And feel my touch

 Jump, if you want to taste my kisses in the night then,

 Jump for my love 2: 12

 I know my heart can make you happy

 Jump in! 2:16

You know these arms can feel you up 2:20

 Jump, if you want to taste my kisses in the night then,

 Jump! For my love 2:27

When you are next to me, 2:33 (Oooo)

 Oh, I come alive (yeah) 2:39

 Your love hurts inside (Oooo) 2:47

 Oh, it feels so right (Yeah) 2:52

 Come to me if you want me tonight (Jump) 3:01

I know my heart can make you happy

 Jump in! 3:07

You know these arms can feel you up

 Jump, if you want to taste my kisses in the night then,

 Jump! For my love 3:17

Instrumental 0:22     Finishes 3:39

Monday, 10 October 2011

My Pitch - Atomic kitten - Ladies night

This is my pitch video of which was on screen whilst i went through what i wanted to do with my idea, using this made things easier as i didnt have to fiddle with the laptop or anything, in the background i had the song playing at a low volume too so that people would get the idea of the song if they hadn't heard it before. 
Unfortunatley i do not have any footage of feedback because i did my pitch the day after everyone else and no camera got set up, but i can say that everyone thought it was a great idea, although been 'girly' doesn't make a difference to who is filming as i said 'watch out boys, its going to be girly'. My pitch was a great way of presenting as it flowed, i could talk to my audience and not worry about having to click the screen to move on a slide, i didn't read off the board etc and i involved pictures so that people got an idea of what was in my mind and i also showed a quick sample of the original video.  People thought this was great and i got very little negative feedback, people were very interested!! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

6th october 2011 - film fest

Bradford Film Festival 

The national media museum
We went to the Bradford film festival yesterday, This is a national museum of media e.g. films, technology and how it has progressed etc. We got the train to Bradford as a media group, this included year 12 and the other year 13 group, then we walked onto the museum. The museum has been open as a media museum since 1983 - previously a photography museum, they have a film festival every year sponcered by the co-operative who want young film makers like ourselves follow dreams into getting some were. 

Oliver and James 
As soon as we arrived we saw Oliver and James Phelps - the twin actors that played Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter! We got to take a picture with the twins and autographs and a quick chat of how they got into acting, they were rushed off to do a question and answer session which we also attended. The interview was held for about 30mins and they answered questions that the compere of the festival went around asking students earlier in the day. It was interesting to see how they got into acting and how they live everyday lives. 
Oliver, Harriet, Faye(me) and James

We then went on to watching our fellow class mates productions on the big screen! it was exciting and we showed our support whilst they were been screened. 

After the screening me and Harriet had a look around the museum, had been last year so we quickly moved on to the stage make up group for beginners! We made fake cuts on our hands and i made one on my nose to give the impression of a 'bust nose' personally i think it is very realistic and these skills can help us if we need to use them in our future film projects!

All the above pictures were taken on my mobile phone and uploaded to the computer. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Our Edit

Me and Hattie made our own version of the video - threw it on the ground . We worked well together and it gave us chance to learn new skills on the new version of video editor - final cut and final express, we have gained a lot more knowledge from doing this project because we have learnt how to use the new effects and how to overlap/speed up/ slow down cuts - we used this a lot in our music video.
We somehow added a Repeat Loop which was interesting as we did not mean to do it but we did and it looked great!!
Seen as the video is quite comic we haven't got much 'serious' footage so we have been able to make it as silly as we like, this has made it more enjoyable for us, were as in our coursework task we will obviously take it more seriously and have more shot variation- the reason we don't have much shot variation is because we had little time between 9 people and 2 cameras to film. We were split into two's/three's to shoot different parts of the music video but this made it quite difficult because we couldn't communicate as a big group as to what should be in each shot seen as we all had to make a final version each.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shot types in Girl bands

There is a range of different shot types used in girl band Music videos. Here are some of the different shot types used in almost every girl band music video.