Saturday, 22 October 2011

FH - Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl, just like the other 4 girls of the band Girls Aloud, was found in 2002 on a tv show - popstars the rivals This gave the young Cheryl, that had lived on counsel estates all her life in Newcastle, her big brake into her new life of pop and R&B !

The young model, actress, song writer, singer and dancer, went on to marry famous football player Ashley Cole therefore going from a Tweedy to a Cole.

 When Cheryl saw how successful Girls Aloud had become worldwide she decided to go solo, as well as still being in the band! She released two albums 3words & messy little raindrops.
All over Cheryl has been on bill boards, tv adverts - more than one!, magazines... she has been a massive icon. she has advertised for hair dye, face creams, mascara, lipstick - all the things that girls need to look like her! she is an inspiration to most young women. She has been advertising in magazines Elle & Vogue,  She is now also the face of L'Oreal .

Cheryl was also a judge on Xfactor from 2008 up until the last series this year which she had left the UK series to go and do America's Xfactor! this however did not exactly work out. The Americans did not keep her on the panel for long because of her geordie accent!  

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