Monday, 21 November 2011

FH - Style influences: Saturdays and Spice Girls

All the below are my idea of how our five girls are going to look within the video.

This is obviously a picture of five maxi dresses. Each dress as you can see is different, by color, pattern, strap/strapless etc. The Saturdays use the idea of wearing the same clothing but in a different colour which is where we have the idea of using 'different but still similar', this denotes that they are close as band members as they are all similar.  As you can see in this picture of The Saturdays each girl is wearing black but have different coloured tights, in the video they have objects to match each girls individual color which is an idea that we have bared in mind. e.g. watch, lipstick, nails, mobile etc.
 As you can see in this girl band each girl has different 'style, not as noticable as The Spice Girls style but they are all of different ethnicity, their hair is not the same color or style and the use of using black dresses, but different black dresses connotates that they are all individuals - the tights obviously connote this as well but these are the small things that not everybody notices. The Spice Girls on the other hand have a very noticable difference in individuality! They wear what i would describe as a 'costume' rather than a statement - they were over the top and did this to be noticed and different to other groups at the time bearing in mind it was the 90's. We are going to stick with the idea of each girl been different but we are swaying towards The Saturdays style rather than The Spice Girls! It's nothing personal girls! but i am sure we are wanting to be a bit more modern than the costume styles!

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