Monday, 23 January 2012

FH - Editing photos

We have been having some problems with getting used to Photoshop Elements 4.0 which is what we are editing our digipak pictures, we are getting used to it now though and the pictures are coming on very nicely as we are using phtographic effects/layer style which is putting a tinted colour over the picture of each girl so that we can represent their different personalities.

So far we have almost finished our front cover for the digipak and have done a warhole effect with a twist! Basically the digipak cover is split into 9 boxes, 5 of which have pictures of each individual girl, each with their own individual colour, and in the remaining 4 boxes we will have the band name, 'Girls Aloud', and pictures of sweets.

We have an idea for our magazine add (which shall be finished by the end of this week!) we used our original idea for our digipak as it was too rectangular but was the inspiration to our magazine add that we had no idea how to present so it worked out very well! we recycled our original idea.

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