Friday, 16 March 2012

FH - creation of the digipak (under construction)

 This was our original idea for the front of the digipak, as soon as we made this (as a very,very rough cut!) not many people liked the idea and had a lot more advice as to what we could do with our idea, therefore we came up with linking sweets with the digipak -


This was an idea that people liked, but it was not enough. It was nothing that really related to Girls Aloud, the font was too 'swirly', Girls Aloud used blocked letters.
These below are our back cover with the song list - Feedback told us that, our first version on the right, was not really standing out, it was dull and although colorful it was not bright SO we took the original back cover, put up the contrast and erased the 'sweety' background layer off of the actual sweet which has the song titles on. We showed our final version again and got a lot more positive feedback. 
first version

This is our panel that folds inside - We thought that this would fit well with our 'sweety' theme as when open it will be on the outside with our front and back panels.

Front cover
This is our front cover so far which we are going to edit as Mr.Burrowes flagged up that we have too many unnecessary logos for Twitter, copyright etc. The DVD logo is the only logo that we need on the front out of the logos that we have and we are going to scrap completely the Twitter logo.
These are our inside panels! the background balloons have also been used on our magazine advert! This is the order of which our inside panels will go, Feedback from our media classmates has been very positive apart from one comment, baring in mind he is a 'metal-core' obsessed male student, that the panels are too bright and in your face, however personally (from a girls perspective,
) it is very 'plain' although personally the high contrast of the balloons give enough color and brightness giving anchorage that the five girls are bubbly, girly and fun!   

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