Friday, 23 September 2011

Class Music Video..

In class we are coming up with a 'practise' music video that we are all working on. The task consisted of everyone doing a pitch of 90 seconds which is to give an idea of what they would like to film. Originally I wanted to do Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO but another two students did this idea so on the spot i changed my idea to Kesha - Tik Tok with this we could of done many things but my basic idea was that it would be based around a party that would of been filmed at an 18th that was coming up and then the morning after within school. This would of been a great opportunity to use effects to have flash backs of the night before and have shots that were shaky and from all sorts of angles.
The ideas that we had in Class were :

  • Me speak no Americano - Sophie's idea
  • Party Rock Anthem (twice) - Harriet & Katie's idea
  • Tik Tok - Me
  • Threw it on the ground - Connors idea
  • Sam's idea
  • Asa's idea
  • George's idea
  • Richards idea
The idea we all agreed on was Threw it on the ground - Connor's idea. 

The way that Connor wanted to film was to re-act the video which i disagreed on because we had done this previously for our Britany Spears video so we should of had a better challenge of having idea's ourselves so we changed things slightly but the lyrics have put us to a disadvantage because we need to film to make sense with the song so it is only slight changed we have made e.g. costume changes and settings.
The break down of the video is an 'angry' man throwing things to the ground. He is wearing big glasses a hat and a big jacket this denotation connotes that he is a normal guy but there are shots of him in the dark singing which can signify his mental state of him been psychotic. 

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