Thursday, 24 November 2011

FH - Advertising my voting polls

This is my Facebook page - i made a post and link for all my facebook friends to come on the blog and vote for their favourite genre and the best girl band. So far i have had there abouts 20 people vote and am hoping to advertise my blog to other social sites such as myspace, twitter and msn.  

My wall post says -
"This is my blog, it is media coursework and i need you fabulous people to help!!! click this link and on the right hand side will be a votin poll, please please PLEASE vote!!! i need as many as possible and it will be very appreciated that you will spend 30seconds of your lives helping out :) do the right thing fellow facebookers!!! "
It is informal to relate to younger audiences as my friends on facebook are of a 15-25 age range.

This picture was taken on my Blackberry and sent to the computer via bluetooth.

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