Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FH - My consumption of music videos

The website that keeps my sanity...

The way to free videos of ANYTHING!
i watch music videos on youtube on a daily basis, getting ready in a morning, relaxing at home on a night, even at parties to choose a song!
Youtube is amazing for finding music of any kind online within minuits. I no longer buy CD's because of this which has led me to no longer needing a CD player and i don't think i ever bought a music video DVD ! i have had a Girls Aloud tour DVD bought for me that i never watched because it took too much time and effort, plus they were live at a concert and were not the songs i wanted to hear there and then so i turned on my laptop, clicked youtube and typed in the song i wanted to hear and with no more than two blinks it was there ready to play in the quality i wanted!

Personally i think that websites such as youtube and vimeo are more and more popular, i also watch music videos on TV such as music chanels Fizz and Chanel U however i only flick through them when i am bored and nothing else is on... and usually it is not a song that i like so with websites such as youtube and minivids i am able to watch and listen to music i like in suitable time - no waiting.

I am able to acces websites on my phone as well as free download apps that allow me to get a track and its video onto my phone in seconds!

Youtube is one of the biggest websites for videos that anyone of any age can access and the videos are from home videos and music videos to film clips and clips from television! I can access music videos of all genres and from years and years back which is another amazing aspect of the website.

We use youtube in our media project as it allows us to upload our footage to get it onto our blog but we can only do this at home, so while i am at school we use vimeo which is basically another video uploader which is not blocked off our school system - they are both great quality too which is a bonus! Although i prefer uploading videos to my vimeo account as it is a lot quicker than youtube.

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