Thursday, 20 October 2011

FH - fisheye lens

example one
Basically, a fish eye lens is a wide angled lens that is put on a camera or can be edited into a picture to make a picute look distorted. it is used in photography as well as music videos, movies etc.
The example one is a fish lens in use on the eiffel tower in paris. This is standerd photography.

Example 2
 This is Missy Eliot in her video Rain. As you can see she looks bigger than her usual self, she gets away with this however because she is not a 'sexy' stereotype of famous artists of today as you can see below in contrast to Alesha Dixon, another famous artist of today. As long as i have been searching for the past 20mins, i can not find any picture of a 'sexy' missy Elliot but within minuits i found Alesha Dixon modelling lingerie - this stereotype of Alesha Dixon would not alow her to use a fisheye lens in her music videos as it would make her look out of her usual proportion and would not be seen as attractive were as 'chavy' missy Elliot, as we can see below, can use this fisheye lens to make herself look intimidating and bigger which fits her personality portrayed in her music/rap. 

Alesha Dixon

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