Monday, 10 October 2011

My Pitch - Atomic kitten - Ladies night

This is my pitch video of which was on screen whilst i went through what i wanted to do with my idea, using this made things easier as i didnt have to fiddle with the laptop or anything, in the background i had the song playing at a low volume too so that people would get the idea of the song if they hadn't heard it before. 
Unfortunatley i do not have any footage of feedback because i did my pitch the day after everyone else and no camera got set up, but i can say that everyone thought it was a great idea, although been 'girly' doesn't make a difference to who is filming as i said 'watch out boys, its going to be girly'. My pitch was a great way of presenting as it flowed, i could talk to my audience and not worry about having to click the screen to move on a slide, i didn't read off the board etc and i involved pictures so that people got an idea of what was in my mind and i also showed a quick sample of the original video.  People thought this was great and i got very little negative feedback, people were very interested!! 

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