Friday, 7 October 2011

6th october 2011 - film fest

Bradford Film Festival 

The national media museum
We went to the Bradford film festival yesterday, This is a national museum of media e.g. films, technology and how it has progressed etc. We got the train to Bradford as a media group, this included year 12 and the other year 13 group, then we walked onto the museum. The museum has been open as a media museum since 1983 - previously a photography museum, they have a film festival every year sponcered by the co-operative who want young film makers like ourselves follow dreams into getting some were. 

Oliver and James 
As soon as we arrived we saw Oliver and James Phelps - the twin actors that played Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter! We got to take a picture with the twins and autographs and a quick chat of how they got into acting, they were rushed off to do a question and answer session which we also attended. The interview was held for about 30mins and they answered questions that the compere of the festival went around asking students earlier in the day. It was interesting to see how they got into acting and how they live everyday lives. 
Oliver, Harriet, Faye(me) and James

We then went on to watching our fellow class mates productions on the big screen! it was exciting and we showed our support whilst they were been screened. 

After the screening me and Harriet had a look around the museum, had been last year so we quickly moved on to the stage make up group for beginners! We made fake cuts on our hands and i made one on my nose to give the impression of a 'bust nose' personally i think it is very realistic and these skills can help us if we need to use them in our future film projects!

All the above pictures were taken on my mobile phone and uploaded to the computer. 

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