Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Our Edit

Me and Hattie made our own version of the video - threw it on the ground . We worked well together and it gave us chance to learn new skills on the new version of video editor - final cut and final express, we have gained a lot more knowledge from doing this project because we have learnt how to use the new effects and how to overlap/speed up/ slow down cuts - we used this a lot in our music video.
We somehow added a Repeat Loop which was interesting as we did not mean to do it but we did and it looked great!!
Seen as the video is quite comic we haven't got much 'serious' footage so we have been able to make it as silly as we like, this has made it more enjoyable for us, were as in our coursework task we will obviously take it more seriously and have more shot variation- the reason we don't have much shot variation is because we had little time between 9 people and 2 cameras to film. We were split into two's/three's to shoot different parts of the music video but this made it quite difficult because we couldn't communicate as a big group as to what should be in each shot seen as we all had to make a final version each.

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