Sunday, 10 July 2011

Different country, different video

Albanian flag -
File:Arberesh Albanian Flag.png
This is the Albanian flag. I refer to this in the following paragraphs.

We learnt that different countries will have a different way of making music videos. We looked at an Albanian music video which was very low budget as it was filmed in the slums of Albania. There were loads of MEN (showing dominance?) in a line, this gave the video a intimidating sense and the group all did a hand gesture the their countries flag. The MEN have baggy jeans on and just plain tops - this shows us how they are in the slums as brands cannot be afforded. The MEN are holding guns giving them the status as they will not be messed with in any form as they are higher than everyone else, in a way it is like a threat on TV. (upload video when find it)

Another Albanian group based in America has a complete different look, although been from the same country this video was a higher budget and they are wearing clothes to show their 'status' of the 'gangster' wearing branded clothing and having tracksuits on etc. These MEN also use the hand gesture to signify their countries flag.

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