Sunday, 10 July 2011

Our music video/ minivid

'Clubbed to death' - Rob Dougan

group members - Faye (me), Sophie, George, Alex and Sam.
Our first idea for the video was that we were going to have a man in a hoodie walking through rural areas with a gang following him and then the chase would start after the drop in the song occurs. However, this was too much a simple idea for us to use and was not as creative as it could of been SO, i came up with the idea of using the music as a tense moment e.g. a chef making a sandwich and handing it to someone who would bite into it and give aproval, i had many ideas for the shots that could of been used to create a masterpiece of work. We didn't use this idea though, we had little time to come together as a group to film so two of our group members took one for the team and filmed within a very short amount of time, an hour to be precise, and we went back to the hoodie idea as it was quick and easy to film. This was not good enough for our project though as we want it to be a top piece of work to hand in as our first video we have created so we are curently planning a new video to a new song -

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