Monday, 11 July 2011

in class prep for Britney Vid

Today we, as a class, finally finished the call sheet for the whole video of Britney Spears hit me baby one more time, in groups of two/three the class had 30seconds worth of shots to analyse and give details of what these shots included - lyrics, props and the camera angle & shot. With this now finished our class has been split into two and so has the other media class meaning we have 4 groups to film the whole thing! The four sections are the classroom (which i am working on), gym, corridor and car park. We all have to prepare props and have a video available to us on a mobile phone or ipod to watch whilst we film so we have more idea of what to shoot. On the day we will be shooting behind the scenes so that we can show how we did things. This will be a full day to us media students to work on this so every minute will count!

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