Sunday, 10 July 2011

Idea in class

in class we listened to a song, but did not see the video, the task was to create a video in a group. I was working with Kyle Meeson & Roam Hamilton. Together we colided ideas and came up with something completely different to the video we were shown after the task. Our idea was that a man would be walking in a rural area, he would be dressed in black. Every person he walked past he would have a vision of how they were going to die and then after the vision the person would follow behind him wearing white, signifying the death, this would happen to 4-5 people. We had the idea of this been in darkness so night time or early hours of the day e.g. 4am then as the sun rised we could have a shot of this man leading the people to the sun, having a shot facing the sun and them walking towards it.
The actual video is alot different to our idea, it is full of random funny things - this is so the viewer carrys on watching the video i presume as it is quite entertaining and i couldn't stop watching what bizare things would appear next!

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