Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Media Day - Remake of Britney Spears

Today we have remade the video of 'Hit me baby one more time' by Britney Spears. There were four sections to film so we split our media classes into groups of four as there are four sections in her music video - classroom, corridor, gym and the car park - so today i have worked in a team including Alex, Sam, George, Harry and Sophie. Our filming was based on the classroom scenes. In our group we have certain roles, i was the producer which included me telling everyone what shots we were doing and in what order they would be filmed in, George was the director, Harry was the props manager which was telling us what we were to wear in our shots, Sophie was our project manager & Sam was the 'best Britney' and general helper. As our classroom scene only had 11 shots we had finished within 30mins and so we became extras for the gym group, this included us dancing and playing basket ball.

Overall today we have made 3 vodcasts to show our progress, our first vodcast was to practise lip-sinking and plan our day, we did this by rehearsing sections of the song out loud and also used other songs to practise words and speed of which we did it. This exercise paid off because although we didn't need to lip-sink in or scene two of our team (George and Harry) used these skills in the gym scene.
Our second vodcast was telling you how we felt the day had been and we made this in a creative way as we filmed it as though we were news presenters. This was fun and we explained in different sections how the day had been e.g. weather girl (Sophie) told us how the weather had been today and the sports man (george) explained the basket ball scene etc.
The final vodcast was how we felt the day could of been better, we all as a group sat together and discussed how we felt the day could of gone better and we decided we needed to be more organised and take the time we had to do this seriously and have a full and detailed call list so we knew exactly what angles and shots to take.

 I believe our group had the easy option due to the fact we only had 11 easy shots to film and we could of possibly done better but we felt rushed as a group because we needed to reorganise the classroom we were based in which took up at least 10mins of the 35min we had to film, this could of been prevented if we had been organised enough to sort out the tables and chairs before hand e.g. night before or first thing in the morning. Also, not all our group were prepared with props and costume such as white shirts to signify we were in a classroom however we were lucky enough to have our fellow class mates in another group have spares that we borrowed.

This was our first vodcast of the day..

This was our last to reflect on the day..

This was the final piece ENJOY!!

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